Skin needling

Clear | Renew | Smooth | Firm | Regenerate

Our most popular treatment, also known as CIT (collagen induction therapy), skin needling is an effective method of improving texture and tone by “tricking” the skin into a massive repair mode and stimulating collagen by creating controlled micro-injuries with an electric dermapen device.

  • Reduce fine lines
  • Minimise pore size
  • Improve acne scarring
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Improve clarity and tone
  • Refine texture
  • Improve firmness

206% increase in new collagen fibres, 94% report a reduction in acne scarring & a 1000% increase absorption of skincare.

Full face (60 mins) – $195
Neck & decolletage (45 mins) – $110
Neck & decolletage ADD-ON TO FACE (add 15 mins) – $50


Increase in new collagen fibers


report a reduction in acne scarring


increase in absorption of skincare

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during my treatment?

The sterile needles create tiny wounds that accelerate the body’s natural healing process and work to repair the skin through increased production of collagen and elastin. We apply a topical numbing cream before commencing this treatment but depending on the treatment area, skin condition and the depth of penetration, some clients may experience mild discomfort. Your therapist will select skin treatment serums based on your skin goals and concerns, which are applied prior to needling for deep infusion into the skin. Your clinician will provide more advice based on your specific skin goals.

When will I see results?

Visible improvements can be seen in as little as 14 days post treatment. Deeper skin concerns such as uneven tone and texture, fine lines and acne scarring will improve with the collagen regeneration process and are generally visible 2-4 weeks following treatment. The most dramatic results will occur 6-12 weeks after treatment but continue to improve for up to twelve months.

How many treatments do I need?

Most clients will receive optimal results after 4-6 treatments. We will discuss the number of treatments required to reach your skin goals during your consultation.

Is there downtime?

Right after your treatment is it expected for the skin to be red. Generally the redness is completely gone by the 2nd day post treatment.

What products can I apply after needling?

We recommend to NOT use any active ingredients for 48hours. Once the skin has healed you can return to using your regular homecare.