About us

About Morningside Medispa beauty clinic


Meet our Founder, Sandra Findlay

Born in Sweden, raised in Spain, with a Persian heritage, our (very!) international founder first started working in the beauty industry at the age of 18, and soon after, Sandra realised that many of the clients she met on a daily basis felt insecure about themselves due to suffering from specific skin concerns.

“My purpose was then made clear to me: to combine my passion and knowledge for science and care for people, to help men and women feel good about themselves”.

Sandra left Spain at the age of 20, and moved to London to go back to uni and further her career. For the next 5 years, she worked internationally as a skin specialist and finally settled in Brisbane in 2011.

After almost 20 years in the industry and having trained and mentored over 500 staff and helped thousands of people feel confident in their own skin, Morningside Medispa was born.

“I wanted to create an environment where people felt genuinely cared for, knowing their goals are our priority. I want to inspire trusting, long term relationships, not only with our clients, but with my outstanding staff members as well.”

Our Why

We are your one-stop clinic for all your aesthetic needs.

We understand the impact that a specific cosmetic concern have in someone’s life. This is why Morningside Medispa specialises in creating personalised corrective programs. We believe that the key to a successful outcome is to tailor the journey to each individual’s needs and lifestyle.

On your first visit, your skin specialist will have a thorough consultation with you, so that we can better understand your concerns, and your goals. We do this at absolutely no charge, we just want to make sure we have a perfect understanding of what it is would like to achieve.

No matter which treatment you choose to have out of our extensive Medispa Menu , we exist to support you in feeling good within yourself.